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Necromantic Moss Attacks

Spoony and Faith Charenton are the latest victims of the necromantic moss which has been plaguing Albion in recent months.

Faith Charenton was attacked by a woman who stabbed her and forced the moss into her wound. The attack on Spoony was far more insideous however. A package was delivered for Lord Regent Gabriel Bathroy which was opened as a matter of course by Spoony to check the contents. The contents of the box exploded and he was then infected by the moss which entered his head by means of open wounds.

Due to quick thinking by surgeons and mages armed with sleep spells, the moss was removed and destroyed seemingly leaving both victims non the worse for their ordeal.

These latest attacks are the latest in a series which many believe to originate with The Cult Of The Black Flame, which in turn is believed to have links with The Brotherhood Of The Black Flame an ancient cult of unliving.

Earlier this year a street urchin was brought to the Harts camp after being attacked by cloaked figures. The child was clearly in considerable pain and largely incoherent. Healing attempts resulted in the healers involved being diseased. A short time later according to reports, the urchin simply exploded scattering green goo. Anyone touched by it was diseased.

The remains of both the green goo and the urchins body were burned to contain the spead of disease.

The Cult is known to have been attacking the Harts using elementally powered golems but this latest information seems to indicate that they have a new more powerful weapon in their arsenal.

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Death of a hero

It is our sad duty to report the death of a much beloved figure in the Guild. Thesiris Foxillion Talechaser, Master Of Lore, was killed on the 10th day of the 10th month 1109 at Heshel.

Master Talechaser had volunteered for a scouting mission along with three faction scouts in an attempt to gather information on what was believed to be a Barrow Wight. After completing the mission they were attacked by wraiths and Master Talechaser held them back long enough for his companions to escape with the intelligence they had collected.

Sadly due to the nature of the land it was impossible to recover his body.

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